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The Transition: From Summer to School

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The hardest part about summer is when it ends. When the impending doom of the school year hangs upon you like a heavy cloud. However, there are silver linings. When you’re in school you can make new friends. You get to socialize once again, and get a taste of the real world. Plus, it’s easier to not be lazy while in school. I love summer, but nothing beats the feeling of going into your first day of school just to get lost and the teacher sends a search party after you. The point is, even when something good is ending, doesn’t mean we have to go into prisoner mode, it just means we need to find the good in the new. Once you find it you’ll be golden.


How to get something you want from your parents:

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Sometimes you want something from your parents that you know you’re going to have to fight for just to get it. It could be a pet, or a game, it doesn’t matter what it is, but what does matter is that you don’t mess up the entry. The most important part of the prize is that you don’t permanently mess up your chances getting it, or else all is lost. First what you do is take a strength, whether it be writing, speaking, any sort of strong social skill you have, and use it to your advantage. Then you make your parents laugh because of this item. Lastly, you make your final stand, and you don’t pester them about it. You let them make the move. Sometimes you have to use reminders, but don’t overbear them, or else there will be no point. Here’s a letter I wrote to my mom explaining why I should get a bearded dragon. I wrote this four years ago when I was twelve, and I was given permission to get one because of this very letter.

Dear Mom,

What’s small, comes in red, orange, golden, or brown, has a tiny small spiky beard, and is one of the most popular lizards on the face of the planet? A bearded dragon of course!

I really want a bearded dragon because it’s not the type of animal that needs a lot of attention. Tigger (Our old Chihuahua) needs a little more attention then a bearded dragon would. He needs to be played with, needs to have his cage cleaned everyday, and he sheds almost everywhere. Bearded dragons don’t make annoying yapping noises. It’s just a whole lot more work. And when you think about, you won’t ever have to touch him, hold him, or look at him. It won’t be that hard when I go to dad’s house either because all it will need is food, water, and a hot light. It will also give me a little more responsibility.

The dragon will cost 50$ to 60$ depending on the dragon. Then there’s the cage, the food, the habitat, and the light. Now I know that it’s kind of expensive, but it’s less money then Ashley’s(My Sister) American girl doll. It can be my big gift this year for Christmas. I even picked a name if I get one. I’ll name it Rygless. Please Consider. Love Dalton

Getting a Girl to Notice You

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Getting a girl to notice you is easy, the problem is getting her to notice you so that she doesn’t think you’re a loser. There are thousands of ways to do this; you just have to find the one that works best for you. You have to do something that the girl will like. I personally like using compliments when I first meet a girl and I’m trying to catch her attention. Compliments are good because girls love to hear how great they are. Once they notice you, all you have to do is become their friend and you’re set. Other ways involve being really good at something, having a main common interest, and so on. Like I said you have to find the one that suits you. As for the girls side, you don’t really need to worry about guys noticing you. Just be yourself and let the guys come to you.



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A lot of times you’ll go to places where they have people that hold the peace. At a pool, they have highly trained lifeguards who will end up saving your life someday, but their main job is to make sure you stay out of trouble. The problem is sometimes lifeguards can be mean about it so that you feel more rebellious than like listening to them. Most people who are trying to keep you safe are like that. Cops are the same, when you see a cop the image is of a mean giant of a man who never smiles and gives tickets for no reason. The thing you need to remember is that these people aren’t trying to be mean, they’re just trying to do their job. I find that when I feel like someone is being inconsiderate of my feelings that I need to remember they most likely aren’t trying to. Could they improve in their leadership skills? Most likely, but it’s not our place to worry about them, so I find that there is no point in having a crappy attitude just because some lifeguard got mad at me for diving in too soon. Just try to listen and stay happy.


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Double Dating:

By admin · July 28, 2009 · Filed in Uncategorized · 3 Comments »

When I get the chance to go on a date, I try to make it a double date. There are a couple reasons why but the main reason is because double dates are so much easier. With double dates, you can feel more comfortable because you also have some guys who are just as clueless as you are. Plus, all the girls are basically like your dates, so you have options. I enjoy going with some friends and having them start some conversations, that way there’s no awkward moments. Instead everyone has a better time, and you get to know how you react in certain situations. You learn more about your friends too. Double dates also make really good ice breakers. I let my friends set me up on blind dates, and it’s a lot of fun because you can make a new friend while not breaking out of your box. The ultimate last reason, is because friends can get you out of jams. For example, I forget my manners sometimes, like remembering to open the door for girls, but my friends remind me so I look better than I really am, and who doesn’t want that? So if you’re planning a date, have some friends tag along and make it a double.


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How to Deal with Embarrassing Past’s:

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For some strange reason, we do embarrassing things knowing that it will potentially end up as black mail on a family blog somewhere. I’m not sure why we do this, but I think it’s because we start out by thinking something is going to be cool, and at the time it is, but then you grow up to find that what was once cool then is now not so cool to you. I don’t think an example is needed; you just need to look into your past to find that everyone has these embarrassing moments. The problem is what to do once they’re put in stone. I recommend thinking something through before doing it. Think, “Will this end up being used as blackmail for the rest of my life.” If the answer is yes, then ask yourself, “Is this really worth the torment?” If the answer is once again yes, then you can go through with it.


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Lose/Lose Situations:

By admin · July 23, 2009 · Filed in Uncategorized · 1 Comment »

As a son, you learn that there are some questions your parents will ask where no matter what your response is you’re going to find yourself in some trouble. For example, “What do you think about my parenting styles”, “If you were me, what would you do differently”, or “Am I better looking than a super model”. You’ll, find that these questions should be easy enough to answer; the problem is parents like to mess with our minds. Wives do it to husbands especially when the young son grows into a man and gets married. Lose/Lose situations as I like to call them, are, for the most part a lose/lose. I find that the best way to may a lose/lose situation better, is to change the subject really fast by saying, “Hey, is that a man in a gorilla suit”, or say “Nice weather we’re having”. Anything will work but it has to be really random or else you’re parents or spouse will probably remember what it was they needed to know in the first place. The ultimate best way to avoid these situations is to avoid them.


Heads and Hearts

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For some strange reason, the female species has been asking them selves since the beginning of time what men are thinking about. You can ask a guy what he’s thinking, and the answer almost all of the time will be nothing. Now obviously it’s impossible to think of nothing, so the answer is this, we can’t tell you, just know it’s important. Guys believe it or not have very deep thoughts, the problem is, it’s not what women consider deep, in fact it’s considered irrelevant. The fact is, wondering how small metal chain links can hold a giant chandelier against the forces of gravity is very important to humanity, sort of. The true problem is, men think with their heads, women think with their hearts, and this is why men and women will continue to be unable to understand each other.


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Overpriced Items

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It doesn’t matter where you go, but if there’s a gift shop you can expect that any item there will be overpriced and not a good quality item. People all over are trying to rip others off, and it’s freaking ridiculous. Main places are aquariums, zoos, airports, and worst of all amusement parks. It costs about three dollars to buy bottled water, whereas most of the vending machines cost about a dollar twenty five. My tip for this new arising problem in the global market is to not buy such expensive items. For instance, when going to an amusement park or aquarium, eat before you go, and tell yourself you aren’t going to buy anything that you don’t need, such as a stuffed animal or a small trinket. I only believe in buying trinkets if I can’t get it at the dollar store or a minimart with realistic prices.

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Fear of First Dates

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Everyone for the most part has fears and anxieties about their first date. What to wear, who to go with, what to do, where to go, should you give a hug good bye or a hand shake, what will you talk about, and the list seems never ending. The fact of the matter is that first dates are first dates because they’re supposed to be awkward. It’s the starting point of your path to find a spouse when you’re older. First dates are like all things you try for the first time, you’re nervous and you’ll probably make some mistakes. That’s what makes dating fun, you get to know yourself better and you understand how you react better. It turns you into a more mature person. For first dates, go with a group. Groups make it easier to be yourself and to have fun. I personally enjoy going with a group because then your buddy can remind you how to act appropriately. My tip is, it’s okay if you make some mistakes, because everyone in the history of the world has had an interesting date before. Just be yourself and remember to be courteous. Girls, remember to say thank you and let them open the door for you. Boys, be respectful and don’t be afraid to go up to the door to pick up your date. Parents actually like it, and may let you take out their daughter again.


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