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Having an Emergency Preparedness kit

By admin · June 30, 2009 · Filed in Uncategorized · 1 Comment »

Emergency Prep kits are extremely useful when you do need them. The way I make mine is I take every unprepared accident that’s ever happened to me, and I use items that could’ve made the situation run smoother. Then I add things that will come in handy, like a candy bar, breath mint, extra pair of pants, or a toothpick!
You never know. I have two emergency kits, one for school and one for the outdoors, and I haven’t needed either so far. The reason is bad stuff usually only happens if you aren’t prepared, so if you are, then you don’t need to worry. So anyways, keep an emergency kit with you, because you don’t want to be on a date and remember that you had a tuna fish sandwich for lunch, and you didn’t brush your teeth (not that it’s happened to me).


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How to deal with an embarrassing situation

By admin · June 25, 2009 · Filed in Uncategorized · 3 Comments »

First, you have to laugh at yourself because embarrassing situations are just plainly funny, and it’s okay to be the one that looks like a dork.

Crowd Control: People are most likely going to laugh at you, and you have to realize that it’s okay. You’ll also probably get some hurtful jokes thrown your way, and the best thing to do is to shrug them off. You can laugh, but if you just act like you don’t care than you’ll earn respect. Also, make sure not to say “I’m such a dork” or an alike remark. Just laugh, you don’t need to say anything, because you’ll probably say something even more embarrassing.

Aftermath: Once your face isn’t red and your blood stops rushing to your head, you need to assess the situation. What happened that created the situation, then learn and share the knowledge when it happens to someone else.


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Surviving a close call while driving

By admin · June 17, 2009 · Filed in Uncategorized · No Comments »

You’ll run in to a bunch of close calls while driving, some that are your fault and some that are other driver’s fault. First off, you have to expect that the other guy is going to make a stupid move, that is why they call it defensive driving, so you can be prepared for it. If everyone thought that way then everyone would be super cautious, but because we’re human and usually think of ourselves as the dominant invincible species, we don’t. Next you need to be safe, but not overly nervous. You should be relaxed, and not tense, because that’s when the most accidents are going to happen. Now when a close call happens to you, don’t get angry or get road rage just because that’s the natural response and everyone else gets that way. Calm down, think it through, and if you have to you can pull over. You should forgive the other driver instantly, because the fact of the matter is that you’re going to make some of those same mistakes. Overall, avoid mistakes and close calls altogether,

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